Experience with Firefox Jetpack SDK.

Last weekend i tried to make a Firefox extension with the jetpack and this are my findings about that and possible improvements that can make this SDK better.

To get started you need the following perquisites for Jetpack:

  • Python 2.5 or greater
  • A working version of Firefox, Thunderbird or the XULRunner SDK that uses 1.9.2 or later (e.g., Firefox 3.6)

I first installed Python 2.7  and download the Jetpack SDK followed the getting started guide.

My Jetpack environment didn’t work at the first go. I had to modify activate.bat to let it recognize Python 2.7 after that it worked like a charm. The creation of a Jetpack Extension for Firefox is very pleasant. It’s the same as creating JavaScript for a website and can directly test you extension with a simple command.

But that are some things that they should fix to make the SDK perfect.

  1. Version 0.8 of the SDK didn’t recognized Python 2.7, only after modifying the activate.bat file it worked. (I don’t know if they fixed this in there trunk)
  2. There is no nice way to handle settings so that user can change them. (I don’t see anything about this in the roadmap)
  3. The ability to simply hang a menu to the widget icon. So that user can do things like refresh data or go to settings of the extension.

I hope this article was  informative  for you and made you excited to try Jetpack out.